TTET launched high quality real-time traffic information service (TSquare)

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Toyota Tsusho Electronics (Thailand) or TTET  launched high quality real-time traffic service (TSquare)

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TTET has opened the office in 2005 and currently has more than 200 engineers. Main business is software development vehicles for Toyota and others, both domestic and international.

Traffic congestion in Thailand has been increasing. High quality traffic information will help people to manage their routes and time properly. Other countries have shown that it can decrease the time spent on the road for more than 15% and reduce the energy and pollution for 30%.

TTET has launched its TSquare application which provide real-time traffic information service. For best quality information, TTET has invested and installed GPS in 10,000 taxis in Bangkok. Data is collected every 3-5 seconds which means more than 50 million data per day. With updated software on cloud system, TTET can provide best quality real-time traffic information to customers 24/7.

TTET offers its service to both B2B and B2C from July 2012 under “TSquare” application. First customers are Smart G-book from Toyota Motor) and Toyota Libra. Later that year, TTET also cooperated with partners involving Location Based Service (LBS).

TTET is also working NECTEC to allow customers to see recommended tourist spots and landmarks. We are cooperating with Wongnai to allow customers to search for restaurants, together with traffic information around that area.

TSquare application can be download on iOS and Android. Customers can use it for free for 14 days. If you are happy with it, you can buy a package (1 baht per day).

TSquare also cooperated with others such as iMobile and Toyota Libra. If buying Android mobile from iMobile, you will get TSquare pre-bundled which you can use for free for 2 months. For Toyota Libra, if you buy new car with Toyota Libra, you can use TSquare for free.

Also, TSquare also offers special promotion to customers who buy new cars during 2013. Customers can use TSquare for free for 6 months.




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