TSquare Traffic Information Services 

TSquare has launched its first real-time traffic service in Feb, 2012 through Smart G-Book (T-connect) from Toyota Motor Thailand, and later, expand its market to LBS application providers (location based service providers) such as Longdo App, Phuket Smart Square, Linkflow, Nostra app.



  • TSquare provides real-time and high quality traffic information suitable for mega city in Asia through VICS/RTIC system (Japanese standard).
  • TTET has expanded the market to Middle East such as UAE and KSA, and plan to expand the service to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries in Middle East.
  • Main data comes from GPS installed in Taxis and trucks under this project.
  • We developed our own customized firmware which allows us to collect data from GPS every 3-5 seconds. We receive more than 50 millions data per day.
  • Software and database are designed and built on cloud servers which assure 24/7 services.
  • Traffic information of more than 25,000 roads including main roads, secondary roads and sois in residential areas is broadcasted through FM radio and online which allows users to decide the route more accurately.


  • TSquare traffic info service