Special Offer!, for True customer with True Reward Point

If you are using TRUE service and get True Reward Point, you can exchange them for using TSquare Traffic by click below links.

True reward point Tsquare 1 ปี ทรูรีวอร์ดพอยท์True reward point Tsquare 1 เดือน ทรูรีวอร์ดพอยท์

True Reward Points

Customers with True Reward Point can use the point to exchange for TSquare usage Day.

To register code from TrueYou, please follow the instruction below:

1. Download TSquare App and register

2. Copy code from SMS that you received from TRUEYOU, there are 2 type of codes 16 digits number and 9 digit mixed between alphabet and number.

The example code from TRUEYOU is


3. Open TSquare App and press Logo TSquare on the left hand side

4. Select TrueYou Privilege to register.

5. Put the code in the input box and click  “OK”, the number of usage day will increase according to the package you exchanged for.

You can see this PDF for better explanation.