LogiZy Engine is API for Route Optimizationwith Traffic Information

Maximize Your Fleet Performance with Our Tra   ffic API for Logistics


LogisZy engine API is integration of TSquare’s traffic information and our proprietary routing algorithm to provide the ultimate solution to automate and optimize your planning operation.

Request the API with inputs that accurately describe your condition and it will respond with an optimized assignment as well as the ordering, travelling information of visits across your fleet, while trying to meet all the constraints provided. If some visits cannot be served because of some limitation, we will return them as uncompleted.




Time Windows Constrains

Specific multiple time windows each your stops.


Volume and Weight Constrains

Make sure you don’t overload your vehicle’s capacities in term of volume and weight.


Type Constrains

Some stop required specific vehicle type due to limitation of road condition. You can define vehicle type both stops and vehicles input for matching.



Allows you to make certain visits a priority over others. In some cases you have more visits than you can serve. You can set this parameter as “high” to make sure your high priority visits take precedence.


Adjustable Route

Adjust your route by moving stop location to new route for making last minutes route as you want.


Access Restriction

Allow you to define obstructed road in your route and let’s our API discover accessible route instead.



There are three parts required in your input; Stops info, Vehicles info, and Common info. We support many data format such as excel spreadsheet, plain text, and JSON.



The LogiZy Engine API will respond schedule, where each of the visits are allocated across the available vehicles. Estimated time of arrival, finished time, distance and toll fee are given for each location.