About Us

Since July 2012, Toyota Tsusho Nexty Electronics (Thailand), or NETH,  has launched TSquare Traffic Information service in Bangkok and suburbs.

We collected GPS data fromGPS installed in 10,000 taxis and 5,000 trucks to create real time traffic info for big cities in Thailand. Concurrently, we will incorporate and share traffic info in other countries with our partners around the world such as UAE & KSA.

This year, we have launched new version of TSquare which provides nationwide traffic information.


tsq 10K taxis

We hope that people in Bangkok will benefit from this technology in terms of traffic efficiency, safety, environment and quality of life. We continues to improve our service to ensure that the quality of TSquare traffic information is at best and conforms to the international standard.

tsq traffic colour


We aim to provide high-quality traffic information, and hope to improve national traffic, environment, and more importantly, the quality of life.